"It doesn't have to be that hard"

Cat Citron

Certified Relationship Coach



Create Awesome Relationships

My Clients

I teach people who feel disconnected

 in their relationships to:

  • CONNECT with who they are
  • COMMUNICATE what they want, so they can
  • CREATE awesome relationships in love and life

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Be seen and really heard 
  • Feel supported and fully understood
  • Know that you can truly be yourself, without any fear of judgment

If you said yes or even HELL YES to wanting relationships like this,


Many of my clients have felt unfulfilled, lost, just going through the motions without a clear path of what they want.  

Together we came up with solutions and I'm here to tell you,

it doesn't have to be that hard.

In my own past, I struggled with relationships because I didn't value myself and chose people that didn't value me either. 

  • I grew up being told not to show my feelings or share my thoughts, because they weren’t important.
  • I felt like I wasn't good enough and I felt powerless and stuck.
  • I settled for less than I deserved and I allowed the fear of failure to silence my dreams.

I wanted MORE out of my relationships and my life, and finally realized...


Our Partnership

The benefits of having a relationship coach support, motivate and guide you to creating awesome relationships are:

  • I help you find clarity with where you are and what you really want (the gap)
  • We bridge the gap and create a plan to shift your life
  • Sessions are literally ALL ABOUT YOU (how often do you get to feel that?)

First, CONNECT to yourself in order to:

  • Discover who you truly are
  • Find out what passions you have and what your purpose is
  • Understand how you show up (think/behave) in normal and stressful situations

I'll teach you to COMMUNICATE your wants and needs, so you can:

  • See where you’re at, what’s working and what isn’t
  • Remove blocks that are in your way
  • Identify how you are making your choices, and if it’s the best way for you 

Lastly, we'll CREATE a:

  • Clear vision of what you want your relationships to look like
  • Team of people around you who'll support you to be yourself
  • Plan so you can have awesome relationships in love and life

Don't wait any longer.

Invest in yourself and your relationships.


(Think of all the valuable time and even money it has cost you already.)

Your Results

"It was crucial to me that I had someone to check in with and share my progress and frustrations, to keep track of what worked and what needed improvement.  I'm very goal motivated and having Cat was a huge support because it really held me accountable for my progress. I felt very comfortable with our discussions, not pressured or judged and there was no "bs" either, which I love!" - N.A

"Cat is one of those coaches whose positivity is not only infectious and disarming, but also profoundly effective at opening up possibility.  Cat has helped me navigate transformative conversations in my career -  while pursuing the heart of what really matters to me, to my clients and to my team.  Cat is also one of those coaches who creates opportunity for greatness, simply by being the powerhouse she is." - J.H. 

"There is something truly magical about Cat. Even across the phone line you can feel her intention to create a safe and supportive space. For the first time in a long time, I felt genuinely heard and was able to release a hefty weight of negative energy that has been crushing me for over a year. It is an amazing experience to have someone like Cat help you see how unique and significant you really are." - I.W. 

"Each session there was always at least once where I had an enlightening breakthrough and she always seemed to ask the right questions to get me there.  Cat made me feel very comfortable being open every session, and there was no doubt she was there to listen and help.  And not one session passed where I didn't laugh!" - A.J.

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