Who I Am

Well Hello!


I'm Cat Citron, a Certified Relationship Coach, and I have a passion to teach people how to CREATE Awesome Relationships !  

I work with First Responders and  Individuals and I've always had a deep connection to want to help and serve others.    I've worked as a Mechanical Engineering Designer, owned my own business as a Certified Personal Trainer, and have been a Police Officer and Detective since 2005.

Now as a coach, I have the privilege and opportunity to share what I know, support, motivate and FUN-spire people.  

Seriously, I LOVE COACHING!!

I'm very proud to be a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), with iPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching   Affiliated with ICF - International Coach Federation.  

My Story


In my past, I didn’t value my relationship with myself.  

- I grew up being told that showing my feelings and sharing my thoughts wasn't important.

- The way I spoke to myself was unkind, and often times felt like I wasn't good enough.  

- I often felt powerless and limited in my options....I felt stuck.

I’ve also had difficulty finding my voice and value in my intimate relationships.  

- I was in co-dependent relationships

- I looked outward to things and people for my happiness.

- I felt frustrated and stuck, so I settled for less than I deserved

There were many times in my professional relationships when I wouldn't share my ideas.

- I felt like my thoughts would be rejected.

- I didn't feel as smart or as important compared to others around me.

- My fear of being judged and failure silenced me.

First Responders

My Breakthrough


My Light Bulb Moment

- By not treating myself well, I taught others to do the same to me.

- I didn't share my thoughts and feelings, because of fear

- I finally decided I had enough of feeling stuck and not being good enough

I wanted MORE out of my personal and professional relationships and my life, and finally realized...I HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE IT.

This breakthrough helped me discover my desire to support, motivate and FUN-Spire others to do the same in their relationships.  

I'm constantly learning, improving myself and the tools in my toolbox.  I'm always reading books and articles, taking continuing education courses online and in person, and yes, I also get coached on a regular basis...because it's that important to my success.


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