First Responders

I proudly serve those who SERVE!

I have a passion to help our First Responders with their 

Professional, Public and Personal Relationships. 

I've always had a deep connection to want to help and serve others.   I've worked as a Mechanical Engineering Designer, owned my own business as a Certified Personal Trainer, and was a Police Officer and Detective, for 13 years.   

 As an Officer, I saw lots of opportunities in our professions for us to improve how we talked and behaved in our work and personal lives.  I Coach and Consult with Organizations to teach their members how to 

CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE Awesome Relationships.

Our Focus


Do you hear statements like:

 "Why doesn't our Administration keep us in the loop in these decisions that directly affect us?"

  • CONNECT to who you are as an Organization, clarify and represent your Core Values.
  • Look at how you COMMUNICATE your Shared Vision and Mission Statement with your work force.
  • We will work together to customize a program to help CREATE Awesome Relationships, that are based on open and honest communication.


 Do you hear complaints like: 

"That First Responder was really insensitive and treated me like just another call."

  • CONNECT with the members of the public, to help them feel heard and validated.
  • COMMUNICATE efficiently and effectively, so the public understands what you need to do your job.
  • Be able to work with the public with a new perspective and CREATE Awesome Relationships, which will decrease the complaints and strengthen community relations.


Do you hear questions like:

"Why don't you talk about your work day more?  Don't you know I want to know what you deal with?"

  • CONNECT with the important people in your personal life, so they can understand what you do in a day.
  • COMMUNICATE your wants and needs so that you can have the support you need and more fulfilling relationships. 
  • Talk with your friends, family, and loved ones openly, so that you can share your passion of being a First Responder and CREATE Awesome Relationships.

The Solution

The Assessment

  • We begin with you taking the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) Assessment and Debrief is a unique and powerful tool  that looks at the ways you respond to "normal" and "stressful" situations.  
  • We behave the way we think and feel, which is our Core Energy and Leadership capability.  That directly affects your overall life satisfaction.  
  • As an E.L.I. Master Practitioner, I'll send you the Assessment (30-45 min), then I will guide you through the Debrief to discuss your results.  
  • Recently ranked by Forbes Leadership as the being in the Top 3 Assessments for Individuals and Organizations.
  •  E.L.I. Assessment and Debriefs are highly recommended for Management/Supervisors, and any member in a 1 on 1 coaching relationship.   
  • (1) 90 minute session, for the E.L.I. Debrief
  • *(1) Assessment Included in All Coaching Packages

Coaching and Consulting

  •  TRAINING: Communication is the best tools First Responders can have, within their Profession, with the Public, and in their Personal lives. Coaching and Consulting can identify the strengths and weaknesses of member’s in order to help them improve their effective communication.
  • MEDIATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: For internal issues with performance, behavior, or incidents, Coaching and Consulting can assist in resolving the issues quickly, effectively and long-term.
  • DEBRIEFING OF CRITICAL INCIDENTS: Officer Involved Shootings, on the job injuries, and highly traumatic calls can impact member’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Coaching and Consulting can create an environment where members can share in a group or individual setting, to discuss their thoughts and feelings, in order to process and move beyond the incident. 
  • PEER SUPPORT: In addition to Debriefing of Critical Incidents, Coaching and Consulting can offer on-going support to members. Over time, this consistent skill of conversation can greatly reduce member’s stress level, and keep them focused in their professional and personal lives.

Next Steps

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